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Through our industry experience, precision and passion We deliver elite satisfaction to our clients in both interior and exterior residential, commercial, and industrial flooring systems Specializing in quality marble, tile and granite installations

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If the only prize given

If the only prize given

January 13, 2018

If the only prize given to Miss Rodeo Utah were the opportunity to get mud on her boots by serving the rodeo community, I would still be here. Crown or no crown. As Miss Rodeo Utah, I would be the of rodeo, but I know that the heart of rodeo is in the people and […]

Early vocal settings

Early vocal settings

January 13, 2018

Early vocal settings reflected the goals of pioneering composers to retain as much of the “feel” of the original spiritual as was possible. Choral settings were ideally performed a cappella, and solo vocal pieces allowed the use piano accompaniment for support of the singer. They mainly composed in a steady 2/4 or 4/4 meter.. cheap […]

Therearealso pastries

Therearealso pastries

January 13, 2018

Therearealso pastries, mushy peas and mashed sweet potatoes. Just don’t expect to find any kangaroo meat or Vegemite on the menu. Every Monday through Saturday.. Making her even happier? Former KENS senior photographer also joined Baptist as multimedia producer. Note: After several weeks of audition shows, which included advancement by four San Antonio singers, “The […]